December 29th, 2011

[FIC] "The Real Meeting," a gift for brilligspoons

Title: The Real Meeting
Author: rakehell_leader
A Gift For: brilligspoons (
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik
Rating: R
Length: 3,004 words
Summary: Some wounds never seem to heal, especially for Charles, and sometimes grief seems like an ever-present companion.

Notes/Warnings: Obviously I don’t own the X-men in general, or Erik and Charles in particular. Similarly, two quotations which frame the piece are both by C.S. Lewis - from A Grief Observed and Out of the Silent Planet respectively. Warnings for the fic include mild mind-manipulation (it’s Charles - are you surprised?), secrecy, mild exhibitionism, brief homophobia and ableist themes, setting appropriate allusions to racism (Harlem, 1960’s).

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[FIC] "knife up the ravelled sleeve of care," a gift for shaliara

Title: knit up the ravelled sleeve of care
Author: coffeesuperhero
A Gift For: shaliara
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~1900
Summary: Erik has the flu.

Notes: This isn't for profit, just for the fun of secret_mutant! The title is a reference to a line in Shakespeare's MacBeth; that isn't mine any more than Charles and Erik are.

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[FIC] "Kittens connect; finding your place," a gift for morathi_cain

Title: Kittens connect; finding your place
Author: rumenes
A Gift For: morathi_cain
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles, Shaw/Emma, Alex/Sean
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~3900
Summary: Charles is the one brought up all prim and proper. Erik is the one who can't behave so he needs lots of discipline. And is more like a dog than a cat really. When their owners meet, the kittens enjoy it too.
Warning: Animal cruelty.

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[FIC] "Into Our First World, Shall We Follow?," a gift for celadonite

Title: “Into Our First World, Shall We Follow?”
Author: twilightthief
A Gift For: Celadonite
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik
Rating: NC-17
Length: 2,998
Summary: Just as he’s about to fall asleep Erik is visited by an unknown presence and a voice in his head that takes him to a place he’s never been and always leaves him with a desire he can’t quite quench, it only getting worse when he’s around Charles. Title and all poetry are by T.S. Eliot from his: “The Four Quartets” collection.

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[ART] "Thank you, Erik," a gift for littledust

Title: "Thank you, Erik"
Artist: shaliara
A Gift For: Littledust
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles
Rating: R
Summary: She asked for domesticity and laundry in her third prompt and also in likes. She liked powers and using powers for daily things IS MY KINK. So here you have Erik and Charles in an autumn laundry evening with Erik using his powers to iron... I suppose Charles is grateful Erik volunteered for ironing since it's "easier" for him... also, to do stuff togheter. Not that Erik is complaing about Charles' thanks at all.
Anyway, I hope she likes it! :)

Notes: Warning: Errr... fluff?

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[FIC] "Ritual," a gift for cerulean_sky

Title: Ritual
Author: alernun
A Gift For: cerulean_sky
Character/Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: NC-17
Length: 1,403
Summary: Pwp (but plenty of pithyness). The boys have an interlude on Charles's balcony. Written for cerulean_sky's secret mutant prompt 3 (Charles as a mouthy bottom. Erik having to work).
Warnings: Surly Erik. Wanton Charles. Fucking.

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