January 5th, 2012

[FIC] "and now you will not be alone any more," a gift for becky_monster

Title: and now you will not be alone any more
Author: pocky_slash
A Gift For: becky_monster
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik, ensemble (Alex, Sean, Raven, Ororo, Angel, Jean, Moira, and brief appearances by Darwin, Scott, and Hank)
Rating: PG
Length: ~5400
Summary: Erik gives driving, sewing, and cooking lessons, soothes nightmares, bolsters self-esteem, and still can't figure out why Charles keeps smiling at him like that.
Notes: I hope you enjoy! For the prompt "Found families," which just happens to be one of my favorite things to write about.

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[FIC] "There's a Hope," a gift for big_banggang

Title: There's A Hope
Author: brilligspoons
A Gift For: big_banggang
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik
Rating: G
Length: ~700 words
Summary: Prompt: Charles and Erik sharing a scarf as they walk through the snow. In a perfect world, Erik looms over him as he lies in the snow, laughing because Charles losing his balance and falling is the most amusing sight in the world.

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[FIC] "Charles & Raven's Drunk Kitchen," a gift for ximeria

Title: Charles & Raven's Drunk Kitchen
Author: almostnever
A Gift For: ximeria
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik, Hank/Raven
Rating: PG
Length: 3400
Summary: At the CIA compound, Charles and Raven get into the kitchen, and the gin, and then eventually some pants, perhaps even some other than their own. Inspired by the web show My Drunk Kitchen: direct quotes from the show are credited in the end notes.

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[FIC] "The First of Many," a gift for stlkrchck

Title: The First of Many
Author: chiasmus
A Gift For: stlkrchck
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik, Angel/Raven (background)
Rating: R/Mature
Length: 4300
Summary: Modern, still powered, AU. Erik tries to find Charles a present to commemorate their first winter holiday season together. They begin to share a few traditions with each other along the way.

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[FIC] "Live and Breathe," a gift for beren_writes

Title: Live and Breathe
Author: confusedkayt
A Gift For: beren_writes
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles, and a dash of Hank on the side
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1500 words
Summary: Before Charles and Erik hit the road, there is a certain amount of trial and error to be done with Cerebro. Erik is always prepared for the unexpected, but this…

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[FIC] "Spy Games," a gift for marourin [1/2]

Title: Spy Games
A Gift For: marourin
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles
Rating: NC17
Length: 18,300
Summary: Burn Notice AU with Erik/Fassy as the spy and Charles/Mcavoy as the trigger happy ex-boyfriend.

[A/N: I've never watched Burn Notice, but after some research (i.e. wiki) the premise of the show seemed quite interesting. :) Naturally there will have to be some tweaking to try and get everyone's characters focused properly. For a change, everyone will have very limited powers in this AU. Also, there will be a few minor character deaths (nothing to warrant the AO3 warning), but nothing in detail.]

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Part Two

[FIC] "Christmas Moments," a gift for unforgott3n

Title: Christmas Moments
Author: sparkysparky
A Gift For: unforgotten
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles; Mentions many of their “kids”
Rating: PG
Length: 1,075
Summary: Five moments during the Christmas season.
Notes: BB, I didn't manage to fill any of your prompts, so I’m giving you fluffy, almost-kidfic instead. Eventually I hope to finish the Single Dad Au, but it got way too big to get done in the time allowed. I hope you enjoy this instead! <3

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[FIC] "My Lord Greensleeves," a gift for finangler

Title: My Lord Greensleeves
Author: joanne_c
A Gift For: finangler
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik, mentions of Moira and Raven
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1500 words
Summary: Charles Xavier, Earl of Westchester is a confirmed bachelor, launching his sister Raven into society with the help of his platonic friend, Moira McTaggart. The night he meets German count, Erik Lensherr, changes his life forever.

Prompt used: Historical AU. I don't even care when (although I do have a fondness for Regency!AU's, no lie.)

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[FIC] "Third Law of Motion," a gift for stella_solaris

Title: Third Law of Motion
Author: arcapelago
A Gift For: stella_solaris
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik
Rating: PG-13
Length: 5442
Summary: Prompt 1: Sweet, patient and naive Charles easily wins the heart of the children and is a very dedicated prof. Erik is jealous. Children use this to their advantage to mess with/cockblock him.

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