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drinking the otp kool-aid

2014 Pinch-hit sign-ups!

If you're interesting in being put on the pinch-hitter list, this is the place to sign-up!

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, pinch-hitters are called in one at a time as participants default. We'll email the whole list with the sign-up and the first person to email back claiming the request gets it. There will probably be a couple right after assignments come out and a few more along the way, but the bulk will come on November 30 when gifts are due and we see who hasn't finished in time. Those pinch-hits will need to have a super fast turnaround time--the gift needs to be back in our hands six days after we give you the request in order for the archive to open on time.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in helping us with, please comment here with the following information:

AO3 name:
Email address:
Pairings you'd be willing to write:

Comments are screened to keep email addresses private :)
Tags: !modpost, 2014

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