lefaym (lefaym) wrote in secret_mutant,

Brotherhood* of Evil** Beta Readers

* Actually more likely to be a sisterhood with a few brothers, and also siblings not bound by a gender binary.

** Not actually evil. Unless you misuse apostrophes.

Hello, secret mutants! Here is a post where we can offer our beta-ing skills to mutants in need.

Since we can't reveal details about our fics publicly when looking for a beta, we can come here instead to find a contact list of people who are willing to beta!

Please remember, of course, that the people on this list may have already received some other requests, so don't be insulted if the first person you contact can't do it -- just move onto the next person.

If you would like to offer your beta services, please reply to this post with:

Contact email:
Beta Superpowers:
Estimated Turnaround time:
Other Details: (Include things like any DNWs, maybe a link to your fic, etc.)
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