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Secret Mutant 2015 Sign-ups are open!!

Sign-ups for Secret Mutant are open!

What's Secret Mutant? It's an XMFC Trilogy (ie: XMFC and DoFP) exchange for artists and writers. Participants can sign-up from now until October 12. October 18th, all participants will get their assignment--a username and four prompts which they will use to create a gift. Gifts will be uploaded to AO3 and the archive will anonymously open on November 30th, with participants revealed on December 7.


Please read the FAQ and rules before sign-up, but highlights:
Anyone can participate including new people and anyone who dropped out in past years.
Open to all pairings and gen prompts, but each sign-up will require at least one gen prompt.
Gifts due November 22, so there's lots of time to finish up before the deadline.
Writers and artists are both welcome!

If that all sounds good and you've read the FAQ and the Rules, then go ahead and click here to sign up!

Click here for a sign-up tutorial if you've never signed up for an AO3 challenge before!
Click here for advertising banners!
Click here to sign-up to pinch-hit!
Click here to link to your Dear Secret Mutant letter!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
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